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There’s finally a communication app tailormade for on-the-go teams. Try it free.

One of the hardest things for employers to do is keep up with the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. More than ever, teams are using multiple devices to do their work on the go — and for workforces that are dispersed, it can be difficult to get on the same page for key objectives and initiatives.  That’s where Eko

By - Lucas Mearian

Utah County to pilot blockchain-based mobile voting

Utah County is the latest government entity to pilot a mobile voting application based on blockchain to allow military absentee voters and their family members living overseas to vote in an upcoming municipal primary election. The county, which has more than a half million residents, is the third in the U.S. to partner with Tusk Philanthropies on a national effort to

By - JR Raphael

How Chrome OS Virtual Desks could change the way you work

Here in the land o’ Chrome OS, fresh paint shows up almost constantly. And while most of it involves minor refinements or relatively small-scale improvements, one soon-to-land new Chromebook feature has the potential to shake up your work environment in a really significant way. It’s a little somethin’ called virtual desktops — or Virtual Desks, in current Chrome OS lingo

By - Jonny Evans

Is this the future of (low-cost) healthcare?

Zipnostic is running a pilot program in New York that shows how Apple could revolutionize healthcare – all it takes is smarter sensors. First-line response The vision for digital health is one in which smart machines work with data from smart sensors to deliver improvements in diagnosis, enabling patients (and medical professionals) with better information about new and existing conditions.

By - Gregg Keizer

Mozilla to add password manager, hack alert to Firefox 70

Mozilla plans bake its Lockwise password manager into Firefox 70, the upgrade now set to launch Oct. 22. At the same time, the browser will also be more tightly integrated with Firefox Monitor, which will provide warnings to users when their saved passwords have been revealed by a data hack. According to Firefox bug reports and project documentation, Lockwise will

By - Matthew Finnegan

Slack tweaks desktop app to be faster, more efficient

Slack has overhauled its desktop software, adding offline access and tweaking the software for faster load times. Recent efforts to improve the desktop app were highlighted at Slack Frontiers last year and the coming update – which the company says will launch 33% faster than before – will be available to users “over the next few weeks.” Calls made to

By - Jonny Evans

How Apple is improving Siri Shortcuts in iOS, iPadOS

Apple understands that the greatest benefits technology provides can only be realized when technology becomes accessible and easy-to-use. That’s why the company has taken giant steps to improve Siri Shortcuts in iOS 13. Automation for the people Workflow begat an Apple acquisition which itself begat Siri Shortcuts, and while the original solution had passionate adherents, the opacity of the terms