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How to create a mobile policy for iOS devices

I recently discussed the general guidelines that IT departments should follow when it comes to building enterprise mobility policies for their organizations and the need to create layered policies that can be as diverse and as target to different users, groups,and devices as needed. One of the biggest distinctions between policies is the difference between iOS and Android. [ Related

By - Jonny Evans

Apple wants (and needs) more female coders

There’s a shortage of coders. And just 15% of coders are women (at least in the UK). This is the context in which to understand Apple’s most recent move to teach people to code with the Girls Who Code organization. What is Apple doing? Apple is working with the Girls Who Code to provide specialized after-school Swift tutorials for female grade

By - Jake Widman

7 Quick Base tips and tricks

The low-code/no-code development platform Quick Base lets so-called citizen developers create applications and workflows for their teams and departments without needing the intervention of IT. Based on the structure of a database, as its name implies, the platform relies on fields, records, and reports to create, link, and manipulate sets of data. Teams can assign tasks and manage projects and

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Your guide to using iCloud in business

Use of iOS across the enterprise is increasing. Tight integration between iPhones, iOS and iCloud present an opportunity to exploit Apple’s online device and data backup service. Spiceworks claims 7 percent of enterprise software budgets will be spent on backup and recovery in 2019. FAO Schwarz recently moved to deploy Apple solutions across its business; SKF, the world’s largest producers of

By - Gregg Keizer

Safari to ape Firefox, go all-in on anti-tracking

The WebKit project – the open-source initiative that generates code for Apple’s Safari browser – quietly announced last week that it would follow in Mozilla’s footsteps and quash tracking technologies designed to follow users across the web. In a short message on Aug. 14, the WebKit team pointed to its new Tracking Prevention Policy, a document that spells out its

By - Jonny Evans

Hey Siri, how will I feel next Tuesday?

Voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri have been a bit of a giggle in their infancy. This is about to change as AI gets smarter, contextual intelligence greater and the augmentation of human capacity through their use reaches different parts of life. We’re reaching critical mass Siri, Alexa, Assistant, Cortana – none of these systems is perfect, some are less

By - Sharky

Whatever it stands for, you’re deep in it

Pilot fish is tasked with evaluating help desk systems, and incidentally with giving the chosen system a name. When he submits his report on various off-the-shelf systems and the in-house option, he titles it “System for Helpful Information Tracking,” just for fun. His thought is that his manager will catch that the name forms an unfortunate acronym, they’ll have a

By - JR Raphael

6 significant new Chromebook hardware trends

We talk a lot about Chrome OS upgrades and how the never-ending stream of new software features can improve your Chromebook experience, but some pretty interesting hardware enhancements are also on the way. Now, you know me: The idea of devices getting thinner, screens getting sharper, and bezels getting smaller doesn’t exactly bowl me over. All that stuff is fine,

By - Woody Leonhard

Installing Windows 7 from a backup? You need a BitLocker patch right away

No doubt you recall the warning back in February that Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 patches starting in July would use the SHA-2 encryption protocol. If you want to install Win7 patches issued after July, you have to get the SHA-2 translator installed. A few days ago, Microsoft tossed a zinger into the FAQs down at the