By - Jonny Evans

Will Apple launch iPhone on Sept. 10?

Apple may introduce its new iPhones at a special event on Sept 10, weekend rumors warn – and a new model Apple Watch 5 will allegedly be available in both ceramic and titanium versions. Up next… This year’s launch event may be a little different, with a range of products and services making the reveal, including Macs, waterproof AirPods and

By - Sharky

Memory-Lane Monday: For once, credit where it’s due

Pilot fish gets a job at an electronic cash register company, where he’s been assigned to put parts in little plastic bags for the people who solder the circuit boards. He applied to be a programming intern, but HR said he wasn’t qualified. Fish is good at his assigned job, but bored. Especially on Friday afternoons. “The computer we used

By - Gregg Keizer

Windows 10 Pro: More of a dead end than ever

Windows 10 Pro remains a dead end for most organizations, an analyst reiterated in an interview. “Absolutely, still a dead end,” said Stephen Kleynhans, a research vice president at Gartner. More than a year ago, Kleynhans and Michael Silver, another Gartner analyst, asserted that Windows 10 Pro – the version traditionally factory-installed on business-grade PCs – was a blind alley

By - JR Raphael

10 Trello power-ups for maximum productivity

So, you’ve figured out what Trello’s all about. You’ve mastered the Trello basics. You’ve made your way through the most advanced Trello tips and tricks. And still, you say, you want more efficiency-enhancing power? Still, you need more organization automation? Still, you want your project management software to seem smarter? My goodness, you’re a tenacious little monkey. But fret not,

By - Sharky

Throwback Thursday: But it WILL stay dry

Electrical fire breaks out above the ceiling tiles in this server room, reports a pilot fish in the know. “In the past, the room was a large mainframe room and was protected by a Halon fire-suppression system,” fish says. Nowadays the room just contains half a dozen racks of servers and network gear. The Halon system is still working when

By - Sharky

It’s a snap!

Software company that sells its product to businesses is small enough that it’s somewhat remarkable that when one of its customers, a small business located nearby, is acquired by a big national company, the larger company is also a customer. This is good news: The small company will keep using its product. It appreciates this good fortune so much that

By - Gregg Keizer

Chrome, Firefox to expunge Extended Validation cert signals

Google and Mozilla have decided to eliminate visual signals in their Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers of special digital certificates meant to assure users that they landed at a legitimate site, not a malicious copycat. The certificates, dubbed “Extended Validation” (EV) certificates, were a subset of the usual certificates used to encrypt browser-to-server-and-back communications. Unlike run-of-the-mill certificates, EVs can be

Google Sheets cheat sheet
By - Howard Wen

Google Sheets cheat sheet

Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet app that you use through your web browser. It stores your spreadsheets in the cloud with Google Drive. Anyone with a Google account can use Sheets and Drive for free. They’re also part of G Suite, Google’s subscription-based office suite for business and enterprise customers. This guide will teach you how to start a

By - Rob Enderle

IDG Contributor Network: Microsoft ups effort to get firms off Windows 7 with FastTrack

Windows is pretty unique in the segment if you think about it. For most everything else we use, the hardware and software come from – and get support from – the same company. For most of our other devices, tools, equipment, etc., a major software update will only come when we buy a new system. The good part of this

By - Jonny Evans

31 always useful Apple productivity tips

I’ve put together thousands of Apple-related tips over the years. I thought it might be useful to reprise 31 essential ones that will help you get more from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. 6 Siri tips for everything Change Settings Use Siri to change Settings or System Preferences. Just trigger Siri and ask it to open the Setting