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BrandPost: Huawei Empowers Japan’s CyberAgent to Build an IDN-Capable Cloud Data Center Network with All-Fixed Switches

Pioneer of Japanese Pan Entertainment CyberAgent, Inc. is a well-known Internet company in Japan. It provides services in multiple fields, such as online communities, video on demand (VOD), gaming, advertising, and Internet venture capital. In 2018, revenue is expected to exceed US$3.8 billion. Gaming is an important growth engine. CyberAgent has seven major game titles and other several tens of

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BrandPost: ETH Zurich relies on high-performance Wi-Fi from Huawei

World’s Leading Technical and Natural Science University The “Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule” or ETH in Zurich is one of the world’s leading technical and natural science universities. It is an important place of study, research and work for around 19,800 students, including 4,000 PhD students from over 120 countries, with 510 professors and 9100 employees. The ETH was founded in 1855

By - Gregg Keizer

Microsoft gets explicit about Windows 10 upgrade blockers

Microsoft now warns customers of specific bugs and compatibility problems that prevent it – at least temporarily – from offering Windows 10 PCs the latest feature upgrade. After Microsoft re-released the October 2018 Update – labeled 1809 in the company’s yymm format – on Nov. 13, it expanded the section titled “Current status of Windows, version 1809, Windows Server 2019,

By - JR Raphael

Google Fi (aka Project Fi): The complete FAQ

Google Fi may sound like some weird sort of initiation ritual (“Whoa, what happened to Rick? I heard he got Googlefied!”) — but if you can get past its silly-sounding name, the recently rebranded wireless service can both save you money and step up your smartphone security situation. Make no mistake about it: Google Fi — known as Project Fi

By - Ira Brodsky

IDG Contributor Network: Why 5G will be disruptive

Every next-generation mobile phone standard is greeted by some skepticism. Fifth-generation technology has certainly endured its share. Critics say it’s just a collection of incremental improvements, is being used as an excuse to restrict competition (for instance, by banning Chinese vendors from the US market), and will drive up prices. However, in a report published by my company in collaboration

By - Jonny Evans

12 Siri tips you’ll wish you’d used before

Everybody likes to learn a few tips that will save them time, so I’ve identified a dozen things Siri will do for you that you may never have come across before. Talk on your speaker phone Working on something and you need to call a friend? Open Siri up, and tell it, “Hey, Siri, call (your friend) on speaker.” Siri

By - Woody Leonhard

Win10 version 1809 gets yet another jolt, fourth KB 4469342 now runs build 17763.168

Those of you in the Windows Insider Release Preview Ring were treated to yet another patch yesterday. This latest KB 4469342 (the fourth version to bear the same name) brings the Windows 10 September-October-November-(checks calendar)-December 2018 Update to build 17763.168. Seriously, Microsoft’s doing the Right Thing with this incarnation of the Win10 SOND 2018 Update. It’s being held in the

By - Paul Heltzel

Review: G Suite gets an AI boost

Google added a handful of new features to G Suite this summer, mostly AI-driven upgrades focused on collaboration. According to the company, G Suite users spend nearly three-quarters of their time creating and communicating with colleagues, so many of the recent updates are focused on helping these users save time when working together. Some of the new features, for the

By - Gregg Keizer

Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 fails to unseat Windows 7

Windows 10 battled Windows 7 last month for the title of Most Popular Windows, but again failed to land enough blows to put its opponent on the canvas. According to U.S. analytics company Net Applications, Windows 10 slipped one-tenth of a percentage point in user share during November, falling back to 38.1% of all PCs and 43.8% of those running

By - Matthew Finnegan

Microsoft’s $480M HoloLens deal with US Army could boost AR adoption

Microsoft has won a $480 million contract to provide US Army soldiers with HoloLens devices for training and combat missions – a significant step forward in the adoption of augmented reality technology. The deal is part of the army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System project, which aims to develop a headset that will increase “lethality, mobility, and situational awareness” for soldiers in