By - Jonny Evans

Apple has a chance to build a social network we can trust

Apple has never quite managed to create a social network that works, but it seems to have a better chance than ever right now. All the ingredients are there The company has all the ingredients: A platform, loyal customers, and a growing range of media services that would benefit from the kind of pester power social media provides. Apple News+,

By - Woody Leonhard

How to block the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, version 1903, from installing

Surely you remember how the first release of Windows 10 version 1809 turned out — deleted files, panicked users, yanked upgrades that were unyanked and yanked again. Heaven knows that the release of Windows 10 version 1903 couldn’t be any worse, but there’s every reason to wait and see. For almost everyone, the new features in version 1903, known to some

By - Jonny Evans

Interest in older iPhones declines

Recent speculation claims Apple may terminate support for some older iPhone models— including the popular iPhone SE — when it introduces iOS 13. We won’t know if this is true until WWDC, but it simply reflects consumer sentiment. People are moving on The smartphone industry is declining as consumers try to get more use out of their mobile devices. Manufacturers

By - Rob Enderle

IDG Contributor Network: Lenovo Accelerate: The coming disruptive evolution/evolution of the laptop

 [Disclosure: Lenovo is a client of the author.] I just came back from Lenovo Accelerate and I was reminded (again) that it’s kind of amazing how long we’ve stuck with the clamshell-designed laptop. IBM introduced the concept back in the early 1990s and we’re approaching 30 years where it’s remained the dominant/default laptop design, overcoming challenges by smartphones and, most

By - Woody Leonhard

Over the weekend Microsoft unleashed a flurry of Windows updates to fix the ‘’ bug

Last Tuesday Microsoft released patches — Monthly Rollups, Security-only, or Cumulative Updates — for every version of Windows. Every single one of those patches included a bug that changed the way Internet Explorer and Edge handle secure connections for the top-level domain Here’s how Microsoft describes it: After installing the May 14, 2019 update, some websites that don’t

By - Matthew Finnegan

Google sees Gmail as key to its collaboration plans

As demand for team messaging apps continues to blossom, it may seem like email’s days as the main business messaging tool are numbered. Google, however, sees the future of its team messaging tool, Hangouts Chat, as closely entwined with email. The company laid outs its thinking at last month’s Google Cloud Next with a focus on the integration of Hangouts

By - Mike Elgan

Who’s slowing down fast 5G?

Pop the champagne! The 5G revolution is here! This new generation of cellular networking technologies promises to usher in a world of better-than-gigabit downloads on mobile devices and enable next-generation autonomous vehicles, remote telemedicine and high-speed IoT devices. The devices are here! Verizon shipped its Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone this week. Huawei, LG, Xiaomi and OnePlus have announced 5G

By - Sharky

Throwback Thursday: Testing, testing, testing

Pilot fish and his team are called upon to investigate a large computer that’s running slowly. The problem: users who are just abandoning their sessions on the big machine instead of quitting properly. “We wrote a script that would detect the rogue sessions and kill them off,” fish says. “Then we would report to the manager the names of the

By - Sharky

Wayback Wednesday: Only good for PLANNED emergencies

This pilot fish works at a software company that has just added a group of student testers to the development team. “One of the students lived near me and he didn’t drive, so I started giving him a lift to work,” fish says. But one morning not long after the student starts work, fish has an emergency and can’t go

By - Howard Wen

Google Docs cheat sheet

Google Docs is a powerful word processor that you use through your web browser. It’s integrated with Google Drive to store your documents in the cloud. Anyone with a Google account can use it for free, and it’s also available as part of G Suite — Google’s subscription-based collection of online office apps for business and enterprise customers that includes